Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Leg: a solid foundation for greg

I want to tell you guys a little bit about what all this stuff is about.

A while back I made 'Worm-hole.' It was a 10 x 10" steel cube with a hole sucking in through one side and out the other. Then I painted the whole thing black and added white grid lines- warping with the stresses of stretching spacetime. This was my strange little model of the universe, but what else? WTF?
Early on, my instructor for the sculpture class told me I wouldn't be able to do it that way I had proposed, but I went ahead anyway. It was a terrible mess of work hours; I cut the entire thing in two, and heated the remaining solid sides with an acetylene torch and pounded the contours of a quantum dimension before reuniting the pieces. It took forever to achieve such..let's say, organic...results. Yet precisely that, I realized, was the point. To demonstrate some complex theoretical idea through such a primal process of hammering and hammering away, suddenly seemed like such a beautiful metaphor for the human spirit. Our will to manipulate destiny among the absurd paradox of our condition! I had finally identified what it was that I had been doing with my odd works: Folk Science!

New Site!

Mosephine and I have just launched our new site at that will feature upcoming events & provisions. :D

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Cinema Sounds

This weekend Maid Mosephine and I will be helping Harper score Akira Kurosawa's Dreams!

science & contemporary life vs. natural world and the past


Erin at the Fruitville Library reading garden in the morning.

A concept page for '30 Songs' flyer.

"Prior to humanity’s awareness to it, the universe was a coherent, self-regulating entity awaiting discovery. Humankind’s additions to and modifications of that preexisting order often damaged it, so that the architect’s charge is a kind of restoration effort requiring him to incorporate his understanding of the eternal in every design, as did the Pantheon’s makers, hence its everlasting appeal. “What the space wants to be” is itself- that is, it wants to assume its rightful place in and be a proper manifestation of the eternal order of things."

Wizard demonstrating laser eyes on crystal mountain.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

make up some feelings & tell him he has them.

I made this today while babby was at school- its worth the listen! :D

Cats in the Basement - Astonished Man

Also, happy birthday Shawn...and new Skiffle chiptunes are awesome. Great job Matt Murphy!

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Super Creamy Overdrive 1-10-09

Thank you everyone who came out early to catch our set, and Shawn McBee for taking rad pictures!!

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The Return of Super Creamy Overdrive

Come see new songs @ Sarasota Olive Oil Company this Saturday, January 10!
Also playing:
Rational Anthem
The Once and Future Kings

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I was playing some neat graphing paper algorithm games today, calculating the rectangle universe. I'm reviewing the notion of nature as a computer; Euclid made a whole mess out of his logic, why not us too? Academia is a landslide. History, a rapid. Philosophy- a revolving door. While we're here absorbing mud & pulling skies into our chests, I'm in no rush to explain love too soon.

Cats in the Basement - Cellular Automata

hypocrite hypocrite in a dish.

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& the best leap second ever.