Thursday, December 11, 2008

Orange Press CD #1!

(poster art by Jen Nugent!)

1.Bryan Beardsley - My Lady Shouts
2.Completely From Mountains - All These Things I Need to Know
3.Forgetful Elephant - Same Sad Face
4.Harper Sublette - Orlik
5.I Die, You Die - Lost
6.JesusChryslerSupercar - Inanimate
7.Roth Music - I See You
8.Cats in the Basement - Soft Chocolate Twin
9.Maid Mosephine and the Equines - Lists
10.MeteorEYES - Across the Pond
11.Letters From Elvis - My Baby's Got the Rabies
12.Villanova Junction - Pirate Grace O'Malley
13.Rational Anthem - Of Kids Left in Cars With Windows Up
14.The Turncoat - Lataika (Rubbing Alcohol)
15.Saint Sweetheart - Never Knew
16.Manhattan Roar - Cure for Cancer
17.Electric Speedbump! - Eating Spiders
18.Skiffle - Intro #1
19.HoverKraft- FenRaBoGuro

Everything sold out at the release! More coming soon?

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Anonymous said...

Electric Speedbump! rules!