Friday, October 10, 2008


Feelin like baby cakes.
Here is the Time Cube:

11- Dr. Paperweights.


Dr. Gene Ray: Alright it has uh, four corners, um one side is mid-day, then simultaneously midnight, where the two ??? majors join ?? and two minors is sun-up/sun-down. And these qua-quadrant corner ??? rotates its own separate 24 hour days.

Interviewer: Well uhh, the Earth- the Earth is a sphere though, it’s not a cube.

Dr. Gene Ray: Its It’s composed of four quadrant corners. Each quadrant because it rotates in four different directions simultaneously. Two at mid-day, sun-up, sun-down; it rotates in those directions simultaneously. Each one of them has its own separate day.

Interviewer: Gene, how do you know this? What’s your proof- scientifically?

Dr. Gene Ray: Really its ???? you can see it; you can’t deny that. All the academic institutions, any professors ?? I’ll pay a thousand dollars to disprove it- they can’t disprove it. So, they all ignore it, run and hide.

Interviewer: You’re offering ten thousand dollars to anyone who can dispute the time cube principle?

Dr. Gene Ray: ?? Institution or professor.

Interviewer: Not me; if I beat you in a debate right now, you’re not going to pay me ten thousand?

Dr. Gene Ray: One thousand.

Interviewer: One thousand for me; that’s all right. I got my own model of the time cube right here. Where did you get these things- like uh, Magic Mountain?

Dr. Gene Ray: Well, they’re paperweights.. you can buy them....
They’re just paperweights but they represent the time cube.

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